"Thankful AF" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of the FOX television series, Almost Family. It premiered on November 28, 2019.


In an attempt to start a new tradition, Julia hosts Thanksgiving dinner for her ever-growing family, but things go awry when she invites both Leon and the new guy she's been seeing, and Roxy let's a new half-sibling tag along. Meanwhile, with Tim's parents in attendance, relentlessly homing in on the idea of children, Edie finds herself at a crossroads.[1]


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit


  • Lizzy DeClement as Hannah Bloom
  • Brenda Pressley as Gladys Moore
  • Daryl Edwards as Cornelius Moore
  • Marcia DeBonis as Jan
  • Andrew Pang as Michael Cheng
  • Tiffany Barrett as Zoe

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