Roxanna "Roxy" Doyle is a character featured in Almost Family. She is portrayed by Emily Osment.

Roxy Doyle is one of the three main female protagonists of Almost Family. Roxy is a former U.S. Gymnastic Olympian. When the series first begins, she is running an ad campaign for an energy drink. For the most part of her life, Roxy has been the provider for her family. The stress of never being able to have a normal childhood, Roxy developed an addition to narcotics as a way for her to cope.

Roxy's parents, Ron Doyle and Diane Doyle were having fertility issues when they decided to seek help from the Bechley Fertility Office, ran by Leon Bechley at the time. When Ron and Diane where unable to conceive, due to Ron's low sperm count, Leon decided to use his sperm to inseminate Diane with, unknown to both Ron and Diane.


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