"Related AF" is the second episode of Season 1 of the FOX television series, Almost Family. It premiered on October 9, 2019.


Julia is haunted by her new reality, while Roxy embraces it by spending quality time with Leon. As Edie and Tim prepare for their trial, Tim notices interactions between Edie and the prosecutor, Amanda, that make him uneasy. Meanwhile, Dr. Isaac Abadi steps up to the plate at the clinic.[1]


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit


  • Daniel Cosgrove as Chad
  • Molly Price as "Judge"
  • Marcia DeBonis as Jan
  • Joy Suprano as Grace
  • Andrew Pang as Michael Cheng
  • Logan Sutherland as "25-Year-Old Man"
  • Madeleine Bundy as "Legal Assistant"
  • Marlon Perrier as "Officer"
  • Katie Hollenshead as "Mid 20's Woman"
  • Karis Danish as "Mid 30's Woman"
  • Molly DePietro as "Mid 40's Femal Jogger"

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