"Fake AF" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of the FOX television series, Almost Family. It will premiere on November 13, 2019.


The sisters meet a new sibling, restaurant owner Nate who helps them secure one of the most exclusive reservations in New York. Unfortunately, the dinner doesn't go as planned and Julia is forced to apologize to Roxy and Edie for her missteps. Meanwhile, Edie and Tim discuss starting a family, but Edie is conflicted on where she stands, Dr. Bechley begins his volunteer work at a hospital, where he uncovers another "Bechley Baby" and Roxy invests her time in training her gymnastics protégé, Izzy, while tensions with her parents rise.[1]


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit


  • Michael Urie as Nate
  • Daniel Cosgrove as Chad
  • Garrett Coffey as Jesse Braddock
  • Lauren Lim Jackson as Natalie
  • Doug Barron as Max
  • Danny Scheie as Nurse Bruce
  • George Deihl Jr. as "Businessman"
  • David Austin as "Kid #1"
  • Emperor Kaioyus as "Kid #2"
  • Aleta LaFargue as "New Mom"
  • Cristala Carter as "Group Leader"
  • Sherin Shetty as "Resident"

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